Our Team

Meet the team of chiropractic doctors and professionals at our clinic.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. James and Dr. Kalie are a brother sister team that come from a chiropractic family that began almost a century ago. The Dr.s have incorporated a lifetime of learning about the nervous system, nutrition, and proper exercise into the strategy they use to help people prevent and overcome disease.

Dr. James Judge


Dr. James grew up learning the importance of the nervous system and learned that the body, treated the right way, has the ability to heal itself. At an early age he adopted an interest in nutrition and how certain foods help the body heal. Dr. James was an avid swimmer and competed at the national level in high school. Today he helps incorporate the information he has learned his entire life about nutrition, fitness, and the nervous system into an easily understood approach to preventative health care. Dr. James Became the 28th chiropractor in his family graduating from Palmer College Of Chiropractic in 2007. Today he is a motivational speaker, health coach, humanitarian, and helps coach thousands of chiropractors around the world.

Dr. Kalie Judge


Dr. Kalie has been taught, since birth, the uniqueness of chiropractic and the ability the body has to heal on its own. Growing up, she excelled in sports and became captain of many teams. When Dr. Kalie was in chiropractic school she learned the importance of fitness, nutrition and developing an unbeatable mindset. Dr. Kalie has a growing passion for helping kids thrive and excel in their lives. Her passion is helping people be freed from the habits that have diminished their potential. Dr. Kalie is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, and has many certifications including: Webster Technique, Advanced nutrition and spinal correction. Dr. Kalie became the 32nd chiropractor in her family, graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2010. Today she is advocate for health, travels the country for motivational speaking, coaches people back to health at home and around the world.

Our Staff

Our staff members work with our doctors every day to provide our patients with a professional and friendly experience.

Sue Judge

Office Manager

Sue is the Mother of Dr. James and Dr. Kalie and has helped ingrain the understanding of holistic health concepts since they Dr.s were born. She has a deep understanding of chiropractic and has followed the principles for over 30 years. She has helped the Judge family open and run many offices and opened the office with Dr. James in 2007. "Mamma" Sue is deeply invested in the outcome of the patients and brings a warm motherly feel to the office.

Luke Charbonneau

Director of Patient Care

Luke graduated from Loyola University in 2014 with a degree in advertising and public relations and a minor in psychology. He has been a part of the team for over three years and his passion is helping out practice members live out the 5 essentials and reach their potential. Luke also puts together and manages our mega events held 6 times a year with an attendance of 300 people and twice a month gathers over 70 people that attend our very in demand "Dinner With The Doc" program.

Cristina Reyes

Community Relationship Coordinator

Cristina originally was passionate about becoming a registered nurse, however a surprise pregnancy changed the course of her life. As her financial situation became more of a priority, she took the first job opportunity she received which was a chiropractic office within the MaxLiving family. Ever since, she has been passionate about learning and teaching the chiropractic principle to others- especially encouraging mothers to take control of not only their health but their babies' health.

Makenzie Krebeck

Patient Care Coordinator

Makenzie graduated in 2016 with a Nutrition Science as well as a Health Science degree. Because she was raised in a home that instilled the importance of health and nutrition, she is passionate about helping others take control of their own health. Working at Judge Family Chiropractic has allowed her to see a bigger picture of health and how important chiropractic is. Now she has the opportunity to help patients achieve a more well rounded state of health.

Jo Munoz

Radiological Technician

Jo’s love for chiropractic began in 2014 while working at an office in Rockford. Her experiences there sparked a deep passion for the innate wisdom of the body and the power the brain has over all of its functions. She was inspired to pursue her certification as a radiological technician, as well as seek further education in therapeutic modalities and weight management. Jo’s mission and passion is to inspire as many people as she can reach and share the knowledge she was given, has experienced and believes in.


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